The Conditioning



Dark Freya’s (S)experiement: Cum Conditioning

In this seductive erotic hypnosis recording, I am going to drop you into a little fantasy in which you take part in a four week experiment. You’re living in my research lab, but it will be more like a luxury hotel and high end spa for you. And it’s only staffed by beautiful women. And yet, you will be slowly eased into a diet of only sperm. That’s right, nothing but cum, while you’re in this environment full of beautiful ladies. What is this diet going to do to you?

There is of course another question… After you experienced being used to a diet of cum, after dissolving all your hesitations, we will have created these neural pathways in your mind. We will have planted a seed of desire in your mind, and I’m really curious how it’s going to grow, and how it’s going to change your behavior.

This little fantasy will leave you with the desire to swallow cum. Keep in mind that you won’t see a single man during this fantasy. This is purely about making you desire to eat cum, and nothing else. There are no suggestions to change your sexual desires or orientation. But what will craving cum do to them in the long run? Will it be just your own? Or will you crave some more variety?

Are you ready to have a deep craving for cum planted deep in your mind?


This erotic hypnosis contains the following suggestions:

  • Be careful: This can be a life-changing experience. This ist NOT A GAME!
  • You will develop a deep desire for consuming cum
  • No matter if it’s your own cum or the cum of other men
  • You will meet absolutely NO men in this hypnosis
  • There will be no changes in your sexual orientation or desire
  • You will experience a special diet which will make you addicted to cum!
  • There is no orgasm or any sexual content while listening
  • 55:59 Minutes