Beta Boy 2



Beta Boys do not have Sex! Never!

This erotic hypnosis is the next step on your way to become the perfect submissive beta boy serving his betters. We are going to change your sexual identity into that of a completely submissive beta boy. After listening to this file, you will never be able to have sex with women again. Instead, you will begin to crave to service them orally even more than you ever desired to fuck them. You will still be able to hide your true identity, but every beautiful woman will give you a craving to drop to your knees and go down on her, conditioning you a little bit further into the perfect beta boy.

You will also be conditioned to slowly give up all sexual thoughts with women in which you are not absolutely submissive. As a good beta boy you will never stray from the perfect submissive mindset towards women, not even in thought. And whenever you do worship women with your tongue, it will reinforce the beta identity and all your training, making you even more submissive.

This recording will only change your sexuality toward women, it will NOT change your sexuality toward men.

The only question is: Are you ready for your perfect beta boy sexuality?


This erotic hypnosis mp3 contains the following suggestions:

  • Strengthen your desire to live your life as a submissive beta boy
  • After listening you will never be able to have sex again with a beautiful woman
  • You will have a strong desire to pleasure woman orally
  • Part one is recommended but NOT necessary – Works great without Beta Boy 1
  • 51:18 Minutes