Panty Boy



You will love wearing your panties!

This feminization is for everyone who wants to get in touch with their feminine side. I, Dark Freya, your hypnotic mistress, will help you to rediscover and empower your inner girl, free her, and reunite you with her.

We will go on this wonderful journey into yourself together, and connect you with your own femininity. You will become one with your inner girl. She is a wonderful and important part of you, and getting in touch with her will empower you and make you stronger.

You will also learn that wearing panties is a strong symbol for the freedom of your inner girl. The delicate touch of the smooth fabric on your skin will always remind you of her. It will also make you feel really feminine and incredibly aroused. And every time you wear them, you will connect more and more with her, accepting and embracing your inner girl free of shame and guilt.

And, of course, wearing your panties will give you such en extreme arousal that you will hardly be able to keep your fingers off of yourself!


This erotic hypnosis contains the following suggestions:

  • Rediscover and explore your feminine side
  • Embrace your inner girl, free of guilt and shame
  • Enjoy wearing panties, feeling the light and soft material on your skin
  • Wearing panties will make you feel very feminine and extremely aroused
  • You will feel good and confident when wearing your panties
  • 44:01 Minutes