The perfect little Maid



Become the perfect little working maid!

In this erotic hypnosis you will be transformed into the perfect little maid by Dark Freya. This file is not about maid uniforms, frills and bows. This file is about serving your betters as the perfect obedient and submissive little maid. It will give you a deep desire to take care of the house, dusting and cleaning, washing and ironing, but also serve your betters directly, cook for them, and serve them during their meal.

Dark Freya will implant the seeds of these desires deep in your mind, from where they will grow, change you, and turn you into a perfect maid. And you can either serve your partner, or you can clean your own house and dedicate your work to Dark Freya, seeing her as your better in preparation to finding a partner you can serve as a maid.

And to make your transformation even easier, you will get a trigger you can use yourself to turn you into this perfect maid for one hour, looking for any work you can do for your betters and enjoying the pleasure of serving as a maid.

Are you ready to let Dark Freya into your mind, and plant the desire to serve your betters as the perfect little maid? Submissive, obedient, subservient, hard working, docile, and very, very loyal to her betters?


This erotic hypnosis contains the following suggestions:

  • Turns you into the perfect working maid
  • You will be submissive, obedient, subservient, hard working, docile and very loyal to your betters
  • A trigger that turns you into a perfect maid for one hour
  • You can either serve your partner or dedicate your work to Dark Freya, until you find a partner that you can serve
  • Unisex – Also works for women
  • 46:52 Minutes