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Aside from insisting on only the best audio quality for her recordings, Dark Freya also has a very strict ethical code for her erotic hypnosis. Some people tend to forget that the first step of being a domme is taking responsibility. You will never find any surprises in her recordings, only exactly what the description states. This allows you to fully relax and enjoy your session, without any worries or unwanted suggestions.

What is Erotic Hypnosis?

Everybody knows about hypnosis, or has at least heard about it before. Most of the time, hypnosis stands in connection with stage hypnotists or weight loss hypnotherapy, or as a solution to stop smoking.

Erotic hypnosis is similar for the most part, but strictly recreational. It allows you to discover a whole new level of your sexuality and lets you play with any of your secret longings and fantasies.

Through erotic hypnosis, you can also increase your arousal and sensuality or reduce sexual inhibitions. Most sessions are outlined with a hypnotic fantasy that relaxes the listener and guides them through an erotic story or a sexual experience.  A common tool in these sessions are post hypnotic suggestions, which can be used to trigger various responses on demand, depending on the specific theme of the hypnotic session and the intentions of the domme. The possibilities are endless and can reach from relaxation triggers to orgasm commands and transformations, for example.

Dark Freya has a large and steadily growing collection of erotic hypnosis sessions available for all kinds of fetishes and sexual preferences. Experience deep trance and fractionation, mindblowing hands free orgasms, an intense session with a FemDom mistress, a mystic fantasy with a sexy succubus or get locked up in chastity for a week!

What Dark Freya’s Fans say:

Anonymous: “The effect of this recording is amazing. It’s been 8 days since I listened and I am frustrated beyond belief. I love sex, and when I can’t have sex, I love masturbating. Without the reward of orgasm, though, it’s maddening! My wife is enjoying my predicament – she gets to have orgasm after orgasm, finally telling me to stop when she’s had enough. Masturbating is useless. Even with lube I cannot reach an edge. I love it and hate it all at the same time.

So thank you Mistress Dark Freya, for creating such an awesome tool of torture. Your voice is comfortable and dominant, making me feel like you are talking directly to me. I can’t wait to see what new recordings you have in store for the future.” – Erotic-Hypnosis.com/14-day-chastity

Anonymous: “It really works. So far I found those types of MP3 nice, but not really effective. This one, together with Dark Freya’s “Eat your own cum” have made it possible. And it’s like it’s promised in the MP3.

Dark Freya’s voice is fantastic, and the way she modulates the script is what you would expect from a decent hypnotherapist.
Her script, the play with expectation, the game with the fire, the dramaturgy are from a real hypnosis point of very very well crafted.” – Erotic-Hypnosis.com/the-hunger

Anonymous: “Firstly, I have always been curious to know what it feels like to be used as an object and have seen and read stuff about being a chastity maid – love the fantasy, but couldn’t really bring myself to do this in the real world. Dark Freya’s style of hypnosis is very clean, there’s no noises or bells and whistles, just really good hypnosis – how she gets you entangled is anyone’s guess.

This file just grabs you from the start and doesn’t hold up the induction makes you go so deep. Then the real fantasy begins. The scenes and fantasy is described extremely well, that you can feel everything – touches, emotions and arousal. Dark Freya and Vive are the only hypnotists I’ve listened to that make you feel emotions. It is an odd sensation, but just makes the experience feel so much more real. I can’t wait to dive into the rest of the series. Highly recommended.” – Erotic-Hypnosis.com/slutty-maid

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