The Cheerleader



Let them play with you and become sissified!

This erotic feminization hypnosis will take you back to school. You’re trying to smuggle yourself into the changing room of the cheerleaders to sneak a little peak. Things will not really be going your way… You will get caught by the cheerleaders and they “offer” you a choice. They will either scream for help and get you into big trouble, or they will let you go without telling anyone, but you will have to let them play with you a little bit and turn you into their own little cheerleader.

In the end you don’t really have a choice, and they will make you into a sexy cheerleader. You will not only look the part, but also have your mind completely filled with girly thoughts.

The question is: Are you ready to dive into this fantasy and become a sexy cheerleader?


This erotic hypnosis contains the following suggestions:

  • This Fantasy will take you back to school
  • You will hide in the cheerleaders dressing room, in order to get a little peak – But they’ll catch you!
  • You will be sissified and humiliated by a group of sexy cheerleaders
  • You will love the feeling of sissification
  • Feel and experience everything as if it was real
  • You will be transformed into the perfect, sexy cheerleader
  • And of course, you will fantasize about the football team…
  • 51:21 Minutes