Lez Cuck



Lesbian Cuckolding – Your wife seduced by Dark Freya

In this erotic hypnosis fantasy you will enjoy the perfect date with the woman of your dreams. Is it you wife, your girlfriend or a celebrity you know from TV?

While you are in a nice bar and the evening is slowly winding down, you encounter a mysterious woman, Dark Freya. She really seems to have an interesting effect on your date… so you are going to end up going home together.

But make no mistake, little boy, this is not going the way you imagine it to go. This is not a threesome. Dark Freya is going to seduce your date and all you can do is watch. And that’s only if you behave, if you’re able to control yourself. Otherwise you might get punished.

That’s right, little boy. Dark Freya is going to seduce your date, the woman of your dreams, and she’s going to show you how to really satisfy her. Because obviously your own lovemaking skills fall a bit short, little cuckold. But maybe you learn something today. 

Are you ready to helplessly watch her make real love to your girl and show her how it’s done?


This erotic hypnosis contains the following suggestions:

  • Feeling deep emotions about your date
  • Watching Dark Freya seducing the woman of your dreams
  • You will be tied under the bed in order to listen what she is doing with this love of yours
  • You will feel very ashamed and become aware of your “lack of abilities”
  • You will accept that you’re not able to satisfy a woman with your pathetic little “friend”
  • Be careful: You will want to become a real life cuckold after listening
  • 48:17 Minutes