Weak Little Wimp



Experience Deep Emasculation…

Make no mistake, this is not a fantasy. This is deep mental emasculation!

In this erotic hypnosis, Dark Freya is going to shatter your illusions of masculinity and strength and force you to accept the fact that you are just a pathetic and submissive little wimp. After you have listened to this recording, you will never be the same again. You will accept that you were never able to really satisfy any woman, because you are just a weak little wimp. All you can do after this is serve and amuse women in other ways, never expecting any reward and most certainly never expecting to ever have sex with any woman again. Dark Freya going to crush your masculinity, your will, your strength.

After this, you will never think of yourself as a real man ever again. And every desirable woman you see for the rest of your life will make you even weaker and more submissive. You will become the perfect pussy-whipped wimp. Surrender your masculinity and get onto the slippery slope of emasculation, if you dare.


This erotic hypnosis contains the following suggestions:

  • You will accept your place as a weak, little wimp
  • Deep and lasting mental emasculation
  • Be aware that this is permanent emasculation
  • You will be happy that you now can life as the wimp that you alwas wanted to be
  • You will accept that you will never be able to satisfy a woman again
  • 41:32 Minutes