Let Dark Freya show you the true place in your life!

Hello, my little boy. Today it’s time to confront you with the hard truth of your life. You are just a submissive and weak willed little boy in a world full of beautiful and superior women. And every single one of these strong and dominant women can easily wrap you around their little finger and reduce you to an obedient little boy.

Be warned, my little boy. This file will shatter all your illusions of grandeur and force you to accept that you’re just a weak little boy and that your place in this world lies in serving all the superior women around you.

After listening to this erotic hypnosis, you will never be able to get back into the state of denial and the illusions of male power. I will cure you from it and show you the truth. Make sure you are ready to accept your place in this world as a servant and toy for all superior women.


This erotic hypnosis contains the following suggestions:

  • You will accept that women are superior to men
  • You will accept (and embrace) your (male) weakness
  • Beware: This will change your life forever
  • You will accept that you are just a weak male mind in a world full of strong and superior female intellects
  • No one will see it afterward, but deep inside, you will accept that your just a pathetic male servant
  • 44:45 Minutes