Workout for Subs



Work out or Feel Ashamed!

So you want to start working out and losing weight? You want to take responsibility and finally become a better looking and more useful servant and slave for all the superior goddesses in the world?

This will help you! Dark Freya will show you the hard truth: you are disappointing all the women in the world by not being the best servant you can be. Don’t you want to be a real man? A useful servant to women that has the discipline and willpower to better himself. Have you ever thought about the women who have to see you every day? Don’t they deserve to see you at your best?

After you listen to this file you will feel very rewarded every time you work out. Of course you also deserve to be punished if you don’t, so you will feel that you disappointed all the women. And you will feel very ashamed and worthless. So you better get your lazy ass up, little boy.


This erotic hypnosis contains the following suggestions:

  • A extremely strong desire to work out every day and to eat healthier food
  • You will become aware that you’re just a servant to all the women around you
  • You want to become a better servant and slave by working out
  • Not working out will cause an extreme feeling of shame and guilt!
  • Be careful: This will change yout life – but in a “very different” way..
  • 49:28 Minutes