The Succubus Trap



Your only Way to Escape? Live Chaste for 2 Weeks!

Have you ever fantasized about having a nocturnal visitor? A beautiful, sexy succubus seducing and enslaving you? That’s exactly what’s going to happen to you in this recording. You will be completely enslaved and controlled by a sexy succubus, and she will leave you desperately horny.

There is – of course – a catch. She will only allow you to have one orgasm, and only on the day you listen. Her control in your mind will make it completely impossible to have another orgasm for the next two weeks. Unless of course you come back to this file, surrender to her again and let her enslave you even more. This will give you another orgasm, but will also reset your two weeks of chastity. And all of that with her control deep in your mind, making you extra horny and aroused.

Do you think you will be able to escape her evil trap? Or will you become her slave forever?


This erotic hypnosis contains the following suggestions:

  • You will be trapped and enslaved by a beautiful succubus
  • Very intense and extreme
  • After listenting you will only be able to have one last orgasm today for next two weeks
  • You can have another orgasm, but to do so, you will have to listen again and become even more enslaved
  • This is a true mindfuck! No escape! No way back! Listen with care!
  • The only way to escape is to live chaste for the next two weeks
  • 50:36 Minutes