Goodbye Manhood



Say goodbye to your balls for the rest of the week!

If you are listening to this erotic hypnosis, I’m going to mentally castrate you for the rest of the week. That’s right. This file allows you to experience being my neutered little toy for one week. I am going to take your balls, and leave you in a submissive and weak state. You will experience all the effects of being castrated. You will lose all sex drive, all aggressiveness and assertiveness, and you will feel weak and incredibly submissive to all women.

Without testosterone, you will simply have no willpower, and every woman can easily overpower and control you. To make you feel even weaker and more humiliated, every single woman you see will remind you of your castrated state.


This erotic hypnosis contains the following suggestions:

  • Mental Castration! (NO cutting, surgery phantasies, etc.)
  • You will lose all your sex drive, aggressiveness and assertiveness
  • You will feel extremly submissive and obedient
  • Effects will last until of the rest of the week
  • You will accept yourself as a submissive eunuch and you will love it
  • 46:24 Minutes