The Ultimate Surrender



F*cked by the woman of your dreams

In this erotic hypnosis you’re the one who will be fucked! This recording will make you crave to surrender to a woman with a strap-on. Of course, you understand that it’s not about your pleasure, or even about her pleasure, but primarily about control. When you surrender in this ultimate way, you are giving her total control. It’s up to her how fast, deep, or aggressive she uses you. All that you can do is enjoy the pleasure you will experience in a completely passive way. Surrendering to her will also make you incredibly submissive to her in a way and intensity you have never experienced before.

This FemDom hypnosis will give you a strong craving to surrender to a woman. It’s not just about you feeling this ultimate surrender, but also about giving her the thrill of having this power over you. You will desire it, and this desire will continue to grow inside your mind… so sooner or later you will have to give in. I will also install a few triggers that will give you even more pleasure when you are taken like this.

Are you ready for your ultimate surrender?


This erotic hypnosis contains the following suggestions:

  • Deep hypnotic trance
  • You will feel the desire to get used by a woman with a strap-on
  • You will have sex with the woman of your dream (or better: SHE will have sex with YOU!)
  • You will feel her strap-on inside of you as if it was real
  • Leaves you with a growing desire to get used with a strap-on
  • Be careful: After listening, your desire to live this in the real life will grow stronger and stronger until you really give in
  • 48:06 Minutes