The Dream Date



Enjoy the perfect Blind Date!

In this erotic hypnosis, you will experience your perfect sissy dream date. A good female friend will set you up for a blind date, and help you to look your best for it. As soon as you are ready, it’s time for your blind date.

The man you are going to meet is the perfect gentleman, treating you like a lady, conquering you, and finally taking you… You will experience the perfect blind date, just the way every little girl dreams about it.

You will be this little girl, and experience it first hand.


This erotic hypnosis contains the following suggestions:

  • Your best female friend will transform you into the perfect sissy
  • You will go on a date with Mr. Perfect
  • You will experience feeling deeply feminine and being conquered by strong, masculine man
  • Very passionate and sensual sex with him at the end
  • It will give you the best feeling a sissy can imagine
  • This hypnosis does not contain any posthypnotic suggestions
  • 63:25 Minutes