The Maid 2



Slutty Maid Two – Humiliated and Used!

You’re interested in becoming my slutty maid again? Serve me and the guests at my party – I’m not talking about serving the drinks! No, my little slut, you will be the entertainment for this party. You will do, whatever my guests want you to do. And at this party, there will be some really beautiful young girls toying with you. However, I also have a hot male guest. You will serve all of them in each and every way they desire.

And yes, you will be humiliated and used – they will all laugh about you. Afterward, you will crave for this feeling. This feeling of FemDom humiliation. This feeling of beeing just a sex-slut who has to live chaste and horny, without the possibility of sexual release. You are only here to serve. Thats it!

Listening to Slutty Maid 1 is not a necessary prerequisite to this recording. It does however embed the Slutty Maid trigger which may make things a little more interesting for you…


This erotic hypnosis contains the following suggestions:

  • You will serve at Mistress Dark Freya’s party as the slutty maid that you are
  • You will learn how to behave as a slutty maid
  • There is no sex for you in this, you will be locked up in chastity
  • You will learn how to suck a master’s cock
  • You will massage the feet of multiple beautiful female guests
  • Being used as a slutty maid will become more and more your fetish
  • Extreme humiliation – Do not listen if you have a faint heart about this!
  • Includes the Slutty Maid Trigger from part 1
  • Listening to Slutty Maid 1 is not required to enjoy this hypnosis
  • 68:37 Minutes

This erotic hypnosis does NOT contain any suggestions that will create an addiction to Dark Freya or to erotic hypnosis MP3.