The Maid 3


Slutty Maid 3 – Erotic FemDom Hypnosis by Dark Freya

This part of “Slutty Maid” will be your total conversion into a completely submissive and obedient little maid. You’ll be completely feminized inside and out. All your masculinity will be erased – Only one thought will be left: Being filled with cock!


Slutty Maid Three – Cockslut Training

Warning: This FemDom BDSM experience is pure mind porn and should only be listend to by very submissive listeners that are into cuckolding, serving and humiliation.

You are interested in becoming my slutty maid again? In this session, you will be trained to be used like a proper little bitch by my slave girls. That’s right, in this recording you will be trained and conditioned to take a strap-on like a good little slut. In your mouth and in your ass!

My slave girl has also invited two other girls, and together they will train you and condition you to crave being filled, so that you will become an even better maid, deeply craving to serve your betters with all your holes.

That’s right, they will train you with their strap ons, and once they’re done, you will want to be filled. You will also get a new trigger that you can use to get you back in this state of desperate need and heat, where all you can think about is being used, being filled, and being fucked.

The question is – are you ready to take the next step for me? Do you dare to become an even better slutty little maid for me? You do? Then take your maid training to the next level now!


This erotic hypnosis contains the following suggestions:

  • Spit-roasting – You will feel her strapon in your mouth and back!
  • Sets the Cockslut Trigger that will make you crave beeing filled in all your holes
  • You will become completely addicted to cock after a while
  • Includes the Slutty Maid Trigger from part 1
  • Listening to Slutty Maid 1 & 2 is not required to enjoy this hypnosis!
  • 65:48 Minutes