Beta Boy 1



Free the beta boy inside your soul!

This erotic hypnosis is the first step toward becoming the perfect, weak and submissive beta boy. You will accept on a deep level that you have never been anything but a beta boy, and that you will never be anything else.

You will feel that you are less than the people, especially the women around you, and you will learn to love to serve your betters.

This first step in your training will make you want to serve in non-sexual ways, helping you to identify as a beta boy on a deep psychological level. You will be able to hide the fact from anyone, and yet you will always be aware that you are beneath everyone, that you are the perfect, weak and submissive little beta boy.

As a little bonus and a preview for your further training you will also learn that it’s not your place to penetrate women.

It’s just a little trigger that makes it impossible to think about it, but this will already be a wonderful step into the sexual submission of a real beta boy.

The only question is: Are you ready to become the perfect beta boy?


This erotic hypnosis contains the following suggestions:

  • Accepting your inner beta boy
  • Feeling less than other people (especially sexy women)
  • Accepting that you, as a beta boy, will never have sex with a woman again
  • Helps you to accept your desire to be submissive
  • Safety Net: Nobody will recognize what you are! But you will feel it every time!
  • 45:16 Minutes