Beta Boy 3



Become the cuckold you are meant to be!

In this erotic hypnosis you’re going to learn how to be useful for your superiors. Just because you are a weak and limp little beta who will never fuck a woman again, doesn’t mean you can’t serve the sexuality of your superiors by making their sex better. And that, my little beta, means that you are going to fluff real alpha men to get them ready and put them in the right mood to fuck the women you will never be able to please.

Of course your services won’t end there, because you’re also going to surrender your tongue to clean them. That’s right, my little beta, not only are you going to lick her juices off of his cock, but you are also going to lap his cum out of her pussy.

You will understand that this is your place in life as a beta boy, and the closest you will ever come to sex.

Are you ready to surrender the last few remaining shreds of your masculinity, and become the weak and submissive beta boy you were always meant to be?


This erotic hypnosis contains the following suggestions:

  • You will accept your destiny as a beta boy who will never have sex with women again
  • You will meet the woman of your dreams and you will watch her having sex with a real man
  • You will lick his cum out of her pussy
  • You will lick her juices from his cock
  • Be warned: This file will turn you into a submissive beta boy and you will be thankful and happy about it
  • Part 1 & 2 are not required to enjoy this hypnosis session
  • 45:35 Minutes