The Maid 4



Slutty Maid Four – Nothing but his slutty birthday gift!

Warning: This FemDom BDSM experience is pure mind porn and should only be listend to by very submissive listeners that are into cuckolding, serving and humiliation.

Are you interested in learning your place and serve your betters even more devotedly? In this part of my erotic hypnosis series, you will visit another one of my parties, and this time we’re celebrating the birthday of a good friend of mine.

And you, my slutty little maid, you will be his present. We will wrap you up nicely and then you will be nothing but his gift. He’s going to play with you tonight and he’s going to pop your little cherry. That’s right, my little slut, he’s going to take your virginity.

And with all the training, all the conditioning I gave you, I wonder what it will do to you – being taken by him, making you his little bitch, while all the other guests watch. Today we’re going to find out if you’re really up to being a slutty little maid, completely dedicated to serve your betters in any way you can. Are you ready for this, my slutty little maid?

And one more thing, my little slut: If you have listened to Slutty Maid 1, this part will use the trigger from that recording. However, listening to part 1 is not a must, as I quickly describe the physical transformation. But you will miss out on the mental transformation, the total conversion into a completely submissive, obedient, and subservient little maid, totally feminized inside and out, all your masculinity erased from your body as well as from your mind – Just made to serve. As both files perfectly complement each other, you might want to start with the first slutty maid file.

This file also uses the trigger from the cock slut training file. If you have listened to it before, you will be back to your training, feeling the desire to be filled. And today my little slut… you will get what you need. Are you ready for it, my little maid? Are you ready to be turned into a present for the guest of honor today?


This erotic hypnosis contains the following suggestions:

  • Your ass will be taken by a real man
  • You will suck his cock
  • Strong humiliation
  • Strengthens your submissive side as a slutty maid
  • Includes a hands free orgasm
  • No posthypnotic suggestions
  • Contains the Slutty Maid Trigger from part 1 and Cockslut Trigger from part 3
  • Listening to Slutty Maid 1,2 & 3 is not required to enjoy this hypnosis!
  • 58:51 Minutes