Hands Free Orgasm


Experience a forced Hands Free Orgasm!

Come and visit Dark Freya’s beautiful island. She and her two sexy slave-girls will force you to have a hands free orgasm. They will tie you down and then they will fuck your mind! They will make sure you cum so hard, that it will blow your mind away. Be prepared to pay the price and be prepared to have the best hypnotic blowjob and the most intense hands free orgasm of your life!


Come to My beach and find yourself forced to cum while My two slave girls fuck your mind!

In this erotic hypnosis fantasy, you will visit Dark Freya’s private island. It’s a little vacation in your mind that you will spend with her and her two beautiful slave girls. You are going to explore all the pleasures her island has to offer.But be warned, little boy. Visiting Dark Freya’s island comes with a price. If you come to her beach, you will have an intense hands free orgasm for her!She will take control and force you to pay the price! You will cum, while her beautiful, sexy slave-girls will give you the most intense hypnotic blowjob you’ve ever experienced!Are you ready to go on a little vacation with Dark Freya? And are you ready to pay the price for visiting her island?

This erotic hypnosis contains the following suggestions:

  • (Forced) Hands Free Orgasm!
  • Hypnotic blowjob from two sexy slave-girls
  • Very sensual trance
  • No lasting posthypnotic suggestions
  • No BDSM, no fetish – Just pure, sensual lust.
  • 55:40 Minutes