Domesticated Husband


Become the perfect, submissive husband!

This erotic hypnosis will turn you into the perfect domesticated husband for your wife, girlfriend or partner. You will live a perfect female led relationship (FLR) and submit your life completely for your partner’s benefit. You will learn to help her in any way and do all the housework for her. And every time you do, you will lose yourself in submissive bliss and pleasure.


Enjoy true submission and become the perfect domesticated Husband!

So you want to be a good submissive for your wife or partner? Become the perfect domesticated husband for her. And no, you don’t need to be married. Every man should be perfectly domesticated for his woman, after all. She deserves it, no matter what kind of relationship.This hypnotic session will turn you into a domesticated husband. Dark Freya is going to train you. Once she’s done, you will desire to take some of the housework of your partner’s hands, because you understand it’s the ultimate submissive gift to her. And every time you do, you will lose yourself in submissive bliss and pleasure. You will be reminded how much pleasure and joy your submissive service gives her.Of course this wouldn’t be one of Dark Freya’s hypnosis recordings, if it wouldn’t condition you. That’s right, little boy. Every time you do it, you will lose yourself a little bit deeper in the submissive bliss of serving her. You will become a bit more trained, a bit better for her, a bit more submissive for her. And every single time you serve her, you’re training yourself to become the perfect domesticated husband you want to be for her.Make no mistake, little boy. Once you listen, you will be trained. Are you ready to become the perfect submissive and domesticated man for her?

This erotic hypnosis contains the following suggestions:

  • Complete and irrevocable submission to your wife
  • You do not need to be married – Your “wife” can be any woman you desire
  • After this, you will take any opportunity to improve your partner’s life
  • Helping your wife in the household will be a trigger for becoming even more submissive
  • 50:04 Minutes