The Taste



Addicted to the taste of… pussy!

Just imagine the sweetest taste in the world – and now, multiply it with infinity.

Oh, yes… this erotic hypnosis makes you love to go down on women. It will have a deep and lasting effect on your mind, making you addicted to the scent and the taste of pussy. You will love to lick them, and lose yourself completely in giving her pleasure. You will take pride in becoming as good as possible in pleasuring pussy orally, and you will learn to pleasure her to her complete satisfaction.

Be aware that this file will create powerful new neural connections in your brain. The scent of pussy will become your favourite scent, the taste your favourite taste, your new reality. You will love to go down on women, and when you do, you will completely lose yourself in it. You will lose all sense of time, because all that matters will be giving her pleasure. You will be unable to stop until she is completely satisfied.

The question is: Are you ready to become addicted to worship pussy?


This erotic hypnosis contains the following suggestions:

  • The scent and taste of pussy will make you extremely horny and submissive
  • You will love to lose yourself in pleasuring pussy
  • You will be unable to stop pleasuring her, until she is satisfied
  • Addiction to pussy
  • 55:29 Minutes