The Hunger


Your Intense Cum Eating Obsession!

This erotic hypnosis will give you intense Cum Cravings – An irresistible hunger to eat your own cum every time you orgasm on your own. Be aware that this is real erotic behavior modification and your cum will become your new favorite meal!


Your hunger! – Your lust!

After this erotic hypnosis, you’re going to eat your own cum every time you have an orgasm by yourself. That’s right, little boy, Dark Freya is going to program you with an insatiable hunger for your own cum that will be triggered every time you have an orgasm.

Make no mistake, little boy, sooner or later you will end up eating your own cum. And when you do, you will enjoy it as much as you enjoy eating your favorite meal, conditioning you to eventually begin to crave eating your cum. Be careful little boy, this file is intense.

It will modify your behavior, and it will make you eat our own cum whenever you have an orgasm with yourself.

Are you ready to eat your own cum for Dark Freya, little boy?


This erotic hypnosis contains the following suggestions:

  • You will feel an increasing hunger for your own cum when you orgasm on your own
  • The taste of your cum will become more and more delicious
  • With every orgasm your hunger will increase
  • There will be no way back – This will completely change your behavior and fetish
  • 42:45 Minutes