Mindless Sub Drone



Kidnapped & Brainwashed – An erotic fantasy hypnosis story!

In this erotic hypnosis, you will spend a nice evening at your home when it suddenly all goes wrong. You will be controlled and kidnapped by the woman of your fantasies. Once she has control over you, she will take you to her secret lab to brainwash you into a mindless and obedient slave drone. She will strap you in to her brainwashing equipment, drug you up so can’t think straight any more, and brainwash you with lot’s of pleasure.

Make no mistake, she greatly enjoys taking a strong, independent man and brainwashing him into a mindless slave drone. Nothing gets her more aroused than the moment when the old identity completely shatters. Of course she enjoys the massive orgasm you are going to have as the old you breaks completely. And she’s not going to waste this precious moment.

Of course once the file is over you will be back to your normal self, as this is just a fantasy. All that will be left in your mind is a very arousing fantasy.


This erotic hypnosis contains the following suggestions:

  • Kidnapping & Brainwashing Fantasy (Effects will only last while listening!)
  • You will be transformend into a mindless drone
  • Beware: If you have problems with IV needles, you should not listen to this hypnosis
  • Very intense hands free orgasm (HFO)
  • Safety-net: If at any point this fantasy becomes too much or too intense for you, you will be able to wake up from it and know that it was just a fantasy
  • The memory of your experience won’t be any different from any other memory. It will feel completely natural and real to you.
  • 45:49 Minutes