Sub Identity 2


Serious mental submission

Are you ready for the next part of your journey into complete mental submission? You will still be able to hide your new identity during your daily life. However, you will fully accept that you’re Dark Freya’s property now and you will receive a real life task which will remind you that you are nothing but Her property.


This femdom hypnosis will turn you into My slave*!

Dark Freya has shown you your true slave* identity that has always been inside you. You know that you have always been destined to be her property. 

And now it is time to begin your real training.In this erotic femdom hypnosis, she’s going to lay the foundation to your complete mental submission. You will have to work to be the best submissive you can be. Dark Freya wants a willing and eager victim that gives himself to her. The kind of submssive worker she can be proud of.During this session (and afterwards) the truth of your submissive identity will be deeply etched into your mind. Only listen to this recording if you really want to become Dark Freya’s working drone.

This erotic hypnosis contains the following suggestions:

  • Accept your new identity as her submissive slave
  • You will receive a real life tasks afterward, to make sure you will truly become her submissive
  • No financial domination included
  • No suggestions to buy gifts or to send money!
  • You will be able to hide your slave identity during your daily life
  • BUT you will have a daily task that you will have to fulfill as Dark Freya’s property
  • 47:29 Minutes


*The word “slave” it a term in the BDSM vocabulary and serves strictly as entertainment. and Dark Freya disapprove of actual slavery!