ASMR Tease


Experience ASMR as never before! Teased by her whispers until you “almost” cum!

Dark Freya’s next playwill whisper directly to your soul. Experience being orally pleasured by multiple beautiful women. Dark Freya’s seductive whispers will drop you deep in trance and take complete control over you. She will use your Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response to guide you into this wonderful fantasy. Enjoy feeling countless soft lips all over your body… kissing you… teasing you… and bringing you to the edge of orgasm!


Her whispers will make you almost cum!

This ASMR recording is a little bit different. It’s a sensual and very tempting ASMR-teasing file, in which you will feel multiple mouths kissing your body all over.Can you imagine being orally pleasured by multiple beautiful women? Because that’s exactly what’s going to happen to you in this little tease. First Dark Freya´s sensual whispers will drop you down into a deep, relaxing trance and take complete control over your body. And then she will drop you into this fantasy and have you experience countless mouths and sensual lips all over your body. Of course in some special places as well. Experience her kisses and how they play with your mind until you “alsmost” cum!

This erotic hypnosis contains the following suggestions:

  • Recorded with ASMR technique
  • You will feel multiple mouths kissing, caressing and teasing your body and genitals
  • Extreme arousal!
  • You will be put on the edge of orgasm
  • 34:13 Minutes